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Enmair Group, founded in 2001, specializes in developing and manufacturing robots for injection molding machines and plastic auxiliary equipments. As a heavyweight plastic processing auxiliary equipment manufacturer, we are a joint venture high-tech company. All members of Enmair own world-class leading technology and production technology patents after years of technology development and experiences.

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Heatless  Energy-saving  Type“All-in-One”Compact  Dryer
Heatless Energy-saving Type“All-in-One”Compact Dryer

Direct installation air type dehumidification dryer
Direct installation air type dehumidification dryer

Honeycomb"All-in-One"Compact Drye

Mould Sweat Dehumidifier
Mould Sweat Dehumidifier

Euro  double  heat-insulation  type  hopper  dryer
Euro double heat-insulation type hopper dryer

Screenless Granulator
Screenless Granulator

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High tech enterprises with advanced manufacturing technology as the core and numerous independent intellectual property rights and core technologies
Our engineers work closely with global clients and have been providing stable and efficient equipment and system solutions. Through strict product quality requirements, rigorous monitoring, and professional search services, we focus on every aspect of cigarette manufacturing, optimize your production process, and improve production efficiency.
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Collaborating with world-renowned industrial control enterprises and possessing independent intellectual property rights to control systems that better meet the needs of users
Our robotic arm can be used not only for injection molding machines of all brands and types, but also for processing tasks in other general mechanical engineering fields. The production of robotic arms has always adhered to the use of high-quality materials and components in the development and manufacturing process, resulting in excellent durability and reliability of the products.
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Guangdong power intelligent manufacturing industry is in urgent need of automation equipment technical personnel
With the continuous increase of automation equipment, enterprises are also increasing the demand for blue-collar technicians who can operate automation equipment, and this talent and front-line production workers are currently ranked first in the company's most needed jobs.
This article takes you to understand the current automation equipment market
Of week industrial control network news: The history of UPS for a hundred years is the history of the growth and transformation of technology and equipment.
The four major armies of robot system integrators in Guangdong have begun to take shape
Because foreign system integrators focus on the high penetration rate of robots, and the current system integration needs of the largest automotive industry, usually have long-term cooperation with car manufacturers, the scale of revenue can be close to 10 billion.
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