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Guangdong power intelligent manufacturing industry is in urgent need of automation equipment technical personnel
Date:2024-01-16   Page View:394

With the continuous increase of automation equipment, enterprises are also increasing the demand for blue-collar technicians who can operate automation equipment, and this talent and front-line production workers are currently ranked first in the company's most needed jobs. In recent days, the reporter visited Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan and other places found that the Pearl River Delta cities after the holiday labor demand concentrated release, but the structural shortage of workers still exists, enterprises open the war to grab people, welfare benefits generally improved.

The labor market is picking up

The electronic information industry is in great demand

At the recruitment scene of the talent market in Shenzhen, the reporter saw that there were significantly more companies or job seekers than earlier, whether they came to recruit talent. According to Zhaopin recruitment, 51job.com and other Internet recruitment platform relevant person feedback, the labor market is picking up significantly after the holiday, nearly a week, Shenzhen enterprises in 51job.com published nearly 60,000 jobs.

Lian Chufeng, director of the recruitment Department of Shenzhen Talent Exchange Service Center Co., LTD., introduced that the enterprises participating in the recruitment week mainly involve manufacturing, e-commerce, finance, construction and so on, and about 40% of the enterprises belong to emerging industries. Among them, the recruitment demand of the electronic information industry is the largest, accounting for 35.6% of the total recruitment positions, the recruitment demand of new energy, intelligent manufacturing and other emerging industries has increased, and the demand for education and training industry has decreased. In addition, sales and marketing talents are also "hot" in the recruitment scene, 78% of recruitment enterprises said that there is an urgent shortage of sales and marketing talents.

At the first comprehensive large-scale talent exchange meeting of the Southern talent market held in Guangzhou, the reporter also found that the momentum of demand for emerging industries is strong, "information transmission, computer services and software industry" ranked third, compared with last year, the recruitment demand of enterprises has more than doubled, accounting for 11% of the total of all industries. Among them, the industry's big data application technology jobs are the most scarce.

Force intelligent manufacturing

Enterprises are in urgent need of skilled personnel

The author visited and found that in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan and other places, with the improvement of intelligent manufacturing, the demand for technical personnel has further increased.

Increasing automation equipment is becoming the first choice of many Foshan enterprises, including Mr. Zhao. "Last year, automatic balers were put on the line, and this year will definitely continue to increase investment in automation equipment." Zhao also said that with the continuous increase of automation equipment, the demand for blue-collar technicians who can operate automation equipment is also increasing, and this talent, like front-line production workers, and the company is currently the most lacking job first. The recruitment problem faced by Lao Zhao's enterprise is also a common situation encountered by most traditional enterprises in Foshan.

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